Artist's Statement

Rosanne Hudson



I create my art in oil, acrylic paint and mediums on gallery profile canvas with painted sides.  My basic technique tends to be impressionistic/non-representational paintings, in both bold, dynamic colors and subtle, neutral colors, depending on what type of mood the beginning of the painting suggests.  They usually have a lot of texture and many layers of paint, presenting a very mysterious quality.


Most of my experience has involved discovering the process itself, so the process is my creativity.  The texture in my work has been the mainstay, the constant that doesn’t change.  Touch it, feel it, see if you can find the texture.   Sometimes it is totally covered with paint or paper, other times it is white in its original form and is easily visible.  My primary interests are line, the deep texture and the underlying layers of paint and collage.  From one period of my art to the next, I always try to retain some qualities and features from work in my past.  I feel that there is a thread that bonds them all together, so that if someone acquires a piece of my older art, it will still have some of the same feeling as one with the paint that is barely dry.










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